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At Melb OC, we believe in creating communities. We believe that our responsibility begins from the moment you leave your front door, until you step out into the street. We take tremendous pride to ensure that your residence is clean, functional, and maintained with liveability in mind.


But Owners Corporation needs to be about so much more. We understand that life’s too short to spend hours on the phone trying to order more keys, or trying to chase down community information. That’s why we have created this portal for you, so you can seamlessly access everything you need from your O.C. with a click of a button.


All updates for Oslo are posted on this home page, to ensure that all O.C. critical updates are available to be seen by all residents and owners.

As an owner, log in to review the minutes of all recent meetings, see the latest insurance reports, monitor your fee notices or update your details. In addition, all residents are able to submit maintenance requests and report urgent repairs – just click the button below.


Residents are reminded that Oslo is a non-smoking building.


Please note that due to COVID restrictions, a maximum of either 1 person, or 1 household, is allowed in the lift at any one time.

As per the Owners Corporation Rules, owners must contact Melb OC prior to engaging tradespeople for any works done inside apartments. This is especially important with COVID-19 regulations in place.

All people, including residents, owners, and contractors, must wear masks on the common property and adhere to all social distancing measures.

Delivery drivers are not permitted in the building - please meet them outside at the main entry to the building.

Hand sanitiser dispensers in the lift lobby are provided for all residents.


For a copy of the owners corporation rules, click here to contact Melb OC.



Do you need an apartment key, or building fob, or car park remote? They can be ordered and paid for online:


The next hard rubbish collection will take place on Tuesday 7th March, 2023. 



03 9108 3910


Office open Monday to Friday 

9am - 5pm

37/431 St Kilda Rd

Melbourne VIC 3004

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