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In the 21st century, we expect everything to be online. Owners corporations are no exception, and there are dozens of companies that provide online portals for owners corporations. But often they are not what they are cracked up to be.

Most of these owners corporation portals come at a cost of between $20 and $80 per lot per year, which means for a block of 200 apartments a portal can raise fees by $16,000 on the annual budget.

The reason for this fee is that most portals are run by third-party companies - they aren't managed in-house by the owners corporation manager. This means that there are ongoing fees passed on to the owners corporation for this service, in the same way that the owners corporation pays other third party companies for utilities, garden maintenance, window cleaning etc.

However, Melb OC provides an owners corporation portal for properties under management entirely free of charge. The portal is managed in-house, for the best possible flexibility and service.

The Melb OC Portal is a three-tier system for residents, owners and committee members.

The third and lowest tier is setup for all residents and owners to access. Melb OC will assist in setting up your account. The unique web address for this portal is placed on signs around the property so that everyone, including brand-new tenants, has easy access to the information that they need. Since this page is essentially a public page, there is no sensitive information available to view in this section, such as owners' account details. This portal is 100% customised to the needs of the precinct, but usually contains the following information:

  • Building announcements (such as scheduled power outages, lift maintenance or carpet steam-cleaning)

  • Common area information (such as BBQ and swimming pool opening hours, or regular hard waste collection times)

  • Owners corporation information such as the next AGM or hard waste collection date

  • A downloadable copy of the building rules

  • A page to report maintenance issues

  • A link to order keys

Visit the Melb OC portal demo to browse an example of what can be setup for your precinct.

The second tier is for owners only - tenants don't have access - and requires the owners corporation manager to issue access. Owners can see:

  • Individual account statements

  • Individual account balance

  • Past fee notices

  • AGM notices and minutes

  • Insurance information

  • Building documents, such as resident guides, short-stay policies, COVID-19 procedures, and newsletters

See for yourself! Visit the demo portal, click the 'login' button in the top right corner, and login using the following owner demo details:


Password: MelbOCDemo

The top tier is for committee members only, with more detailed documents available to view from the register. These include:

  • All committee meeting minutes

  • Quotes

  • Contracts

  • Compliance notices

  • Maintenance reports

To see the detailed information that a committee member would typically be able to see, go to the portal, click the 'login' button in the top right hand corner, and login using the following committee demo details below: Email: Password: MelbOCDemo


Melb OC provides all this at no cost to owners under management. That means:

  • Zero hosting fees

  • Zero portal setup fees

  • Zero ongoing portal maintenance/uploading fees

For more information about how Melb OC can customise an owners corporation portal for your needs,

  • Call Melb OC on 03 9108 3910, or

  • Visit the Melb OC website


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