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We provide a full scope of oc property management services for precincts of all sizes. Let us know you're requirements, and we can make it happen. After a particular service that isn't listed below? Not a problem - just contact us with your query and we'll make it happen.

We do all the hard work behind the scenes, so you can get on and enjoy the finer things in life.

All financial services are run by our in-house accounts team, headed by a qualified chartered accountant.
  • Transparent banking practices

  • Quarterly invoices sent to all owners

  • Collecting all fees and keeping arrears to a minimum

  • Management of all individual owner accounts

  • Management of all owners corporation accounts, including sinking funds

  • Regular financial reports given to committees

  • OC funds management

Checking your records has never been so easy.
  • Customised online portal available for all owners

  • Limited information (general notices) available for all residents, including tenants

  • Multi-tiered login access for committees and owners

  • Owners can view their own individual accounts

  • Committee members have access to more detailed information

  • All information hosted on a secure server

We guarantee to make you proud of your precinct.
  • 24 hour assistance

  • Maintenance consultation

  • Tailored maintenance solutions

  • Quote management

  • Project management

  • Contractor compliance, including PL insurance

  • Transparent reporting of all maintenance


  • Attending all committee meetings

  • Sending out agendas for all meetings

  • Preparing minutes of all meetings

  • Preparing AGMs in accordance with relevant legislation

  • Regular correspondence with owners

  • Owners corporation (oc property) register management

  • Preparation of owners corporation certificates

  • Debt recovery and VCAT hearings where applicable

  • Insurance claims – assisting in fast processing

  • Obtaining best annual premium quotes

  • Enforcement of owners corporation rules

  • Issuing breach notices where necessary

Do these services go above and beyond what your current owners corporation (oc) property manager does? Send us a message and we'll customise a service plan for you.
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